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Meet Alexa

The most beautiful homes are the most personal and Virginia based designer + organizer Alexa has a passion for creating spaces that reflect the distinct lifestyle of each client.

Organized by nature, and detail oriented Alexa has found in the pink door the way to fulfill her inclination to help others. She loves engaging with people who want to take on something they no longer want in their life, and replacing it with something that works for them, on as many levels as possible.

Alexa graduated George Mason University in 2014, where she majored in Business Marketing, and minored in Tourism & Events Management. 

 She resides in Northern V.A. with her husband, and 5 year old rescue lab, Duke. When she is not working on organization + design projects, you can find her at Target, browsing the home decor department​, binge watching Netflix, or traveling to new destinations. 

After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April of 2017, Alexa decided life was too short to not do what makes her heart happy. Helping friends and family organize and design spaces in their homes was always a passion of hers. However, it wasn’t until her and her husband bought their first home together, that she very soon came to the realization that this was how she wanted to spend her time.


Alexa takes pride in helping others create spaces in their home that are both functional but personal to each individual. She believes that the most beautiful homes are the most personal and Alexa has a passion for creating spaces that reflect the distinct lifestyle and design of each individual client. She is a firm believer that a house becomes a home when each detail is attended to, and through her design approach Alexa develops a comprehensive plan unique to each client she works alongside with.

The pink door was discovered in January 2019. Alexa’s journey with cancer was what led her to find the courage to start something on her own, well that and the amazing support of her husband, and she wanted to incorporate this into her business. Doorways are a symbolic structures that have great significance in our daily lives. Moving through difficulties or challenges, entering into new spaces and opportunities, doors provide the transition point to change. 

“Every time you pass through a door direct your attention to the present for a moment.”

The meaning behind it all

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